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Smart Database Viewer Plus 1.0 ($19.95)
by Cellica Software Services 
    Synchronize & View, Update, Manage Microsoft Access, Excel, Oracle, Foxpro, dBase or any ODBC enabled database with Smartphone. Get updated desktop data on Smartphone and Smartphone data on desktop automatically.Make a phone call from transferred DB

Smart Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) 1.5 ($14.95)
by Cellica Software Services 
    View any desktop database on Smart Phone. Use desktop application to convert your MS Access, Foxpro, dBase, Excel, MySQL, or any ODBC Compliant database to PDB and use DatabaseViewer.exe to view it on Smart Phone.

Snow Removal 3.0 ($14.99)
by RB59.COM Software 
    If you remove snow by either plowing or shoveling, this software is for you. This software is very simple to use, and isfor someone that shovels snow for extra money, or someone that plows with a truck or has numerous vehicles and employees.

SpreadCalc 1.01 ($19.90)
by Helmsman 
    SpreadCalc - for those who use Excel seldom and don't need all its complicated features. A handy utility with most often used features of Excel but for less money - for you.

SpreadsheetConverter to HTML/JavaScript 3.7.3 ($97)
by Framtidsforum I&M AB 
    Convert MS Excel spreadsheet into good-looking calculating web page. No plugins. No programming needed. Supports 190 Excel-functions. Use it for expense report, survey, order form, application, financial advisor, ROI. Live line, bar, pie charts!

SQL Toast 2.0 ($99.00 )
by Systicon  
    SQL Toast is a development tool that provides a complete development environment written to work with Sybase Adaptive Sever. Everything is contained in one executable that can be installed in any directory on the client machine.

Stock Updater 1.5.7 ($29.95)
by Stock Updater 
    Stock Updater downloads historical stock data files over the internet. It will also automatically convert the data to MetaStock™ format if desired. Free data downloads are currently supported via the Yahoo! Finance™ and Wall Street City™ websites.

Sync Database 1.1 ($39.95)
by Spectral Core GmbH 
    Sync Database is an easy solution to synchronize schema of mySQL databases. When you alter database, add or change columns, indices or constraints, sync using SyncDB is a quick and painless process.

System7 SUL 1.01.2 ($99.00 )
by abASE  
    System7 is a multi user contact and opportunity management interface for the Microsoft Windows environment. The package operates with Microsoft Office to provide a complete customer management package.

The A To Z About RSS 1.0 ($147.00)
    Long-Awaited, Fabulous E-book that closes down the loopholes of all conventional online marketing methods has finally been released! Internet Marketers and Publishers, don't stick to the same old slow & tired methods of advertising and publishing

The Journal 3 ($39.95 )
by DavidRM Software  
    The Journal: For your life! For your work! For you! Whatever your journaling needs, The Journal provides an easy-to-use mix of convenience, flexibility, and security.

The Platinum Software Collection 1.0 ($35.00)
    FACT: Everyone That Earns A Full-Time Income Online Uses Graphic Design Tools, Website Editing Programs, An Autoresponder Service, Ad-Tracking Software, ...And More......I PERSONALLY Use Over $12,185.00 Worth of Professional Software

The Truth Of Back End Sales 1.0 ($97.00)
    The Secrets of Back End Sales How I Increased My Only Profits 10 Fold In Just 15 Days By Discovering The *Whole* Truth About Backend Sales

Think and Grow Rich 1.0 ($19.95)
    In a few minutes, you are about to come into possession of a philosophy which can be transmuted into material wealth, or to bring you peace of mind, understanding, and spiritual harmony.?‚? 

Time Clock Manager Pro 2.1 ($149.95)
    Time Clock Software, employee time clock and a management tool. It works with touch screen monitors. Also has integrated security - by:

Tree Service 3.0 ($14.99)
by RB59.COM Software 
    If you do any tree services, such as removal, pruning, chipping or any other such services, this software is for you. Now you can keep track of all past tree service jobs. You can tell what customer hires you the most, or the least.

Web Cafe 1.1 ($70 )
by Rhombus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  
    Solve everyday Cyber Cafe Problems of managing Customers and cash flows. Features include Cyber Graffiti, Bill Printing, Cash Outflow entry, Multiple Services; Member Categories; Timeslots; Rates. Ban Sites, Remotely Logoff, Shut or restart PC's.

WinPDFprint 2.0 ($29 )
by SANFACE Software  
    On Windows WinPDFprint is the simpler way to print your PDF archive or part of it. You can select PDFs and create a list or directly import a list and schedule when to print them on the default printer.

WorldTime2003 1.0 ($12.95)
by PCM Computer Systems 
    WorldTIme2003 is a skinnable world time viewing program containing time information for over 1,200 cities. Each skin contains the rules about what information is to be displayed and formatted using a template.

XemiComputers DeskTop Pack 1.0 ($30 )
by XemiComputers Ltd.  
    Active Desktop Calendar is unique PIM that shows valuable data directly on desktop. Audio Notes Recorder records voice notes or simply any sound coming through your sound card. Active Desktop Wallpaper keeps your desktop always looking fresh.

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