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  Ultra Spiritual Protection 1.0

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An advanced radionic program that makes your computer protect you against black magick, sorcery, sortilegies and psychic attacks. Based in powerful rituals of ceremonial magick and the properties of Sun divinities ,and taking profit of the occult power of the computers. It comes with two modes: normal protection mode and extreme protection mode. Make your computer protect you now while you are making your normal life. Are you in a period of bad luck, in a short time a lot of illnesses have taken you or your family, things go wrong suddenly? do you suspect some person is making black magick over you or your family? Well, probably you are being attacked magickly or psychicly; Ultra Spiritual Protection is the solution to your problem; it will give you full spiritual protection and with the continued use of the program, a psychic wall of unpenetrability will be built around you.

Version: 1.0
Release Date: 11/30/-1
Size: 1140 KB
Platform: Win95,Win98,Windows2000

Program type:  Shareware
Cost: $29.95
Online order: purchase
Review: Click here

System requirements: pentium 133, 32 mb ram, video card 4 mb, sound card, Direct X 7.0 or up

Download   Ultra Spiritual Protection 1.0

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