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Development Tools - C++

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!3D Development Studio for Microsoft Visual C# .Net 6.07 (Free)
    Add the strongest 3D capabilities to your Microsoft Visual C#. Create top level games, or add 3D content to your application. Currently used by more than 95,000 people.

.Net VisualPaseo Freeware (Free)
by Paseosoft 
    VisualPaseo is a free add-on for Visual Studio : model your xml scripts graphically, using 33 .Net components (incl. current constraints between steps, implicit variables, intuitive configuration, recovery mode) & use them directly in VS (Paseo SDK)

Add-in Express .NET for VSTO 2.6 ($199)
by Add-in Express Ltd. 
    Visual component set for developing Outlook add-ins in Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office. Add-in Express .NET for VSTO implements all necessary things for Outlook developers to concentrate on applied code only. Supports VSTO 2005, VB.NET, C#.

ADX Extensions for Outlook 1.0 ($149)
by Afalina Co., Ltd. 
    Embed your .NET and VCL forms into Outlook custom forms and views. You can use feature-rich .NET forms and controls, such as grids, editors and tree-views. It is an analog of Outlook 2007 regions that supports Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP) and 2000.

AntiCutAndPaste 1.5 ($19.95)
by ACNP Software 
    AntiCutAndPaste is designed to search for text fragments that have been copied and pasted in programming language source code or plain text. Compatible with C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, C#. Very fast.

AppFace 0.1 (Free)
by MatinSoft 
    AppFace is a windows library which is designed for developers to help to developing software user interface easily and quickly, or you can name it as "Windows application skin tool".

AppFace For VC 0.41 (Free)
by MatinSoft 
    AppFace For VC is a windows library which is designed for developing software user interface easily and quickly, or you can name it as "Windows application skin tool". It help you to make your software skinnable with four lines source code.

AS FAN WIN32 DLL 2.1 ($80)
by AS Computer Software 
    Win32 DLL,Transparent windows,desktop control, serial communication,resolution change,HDD model,serial number,revision,Safe mode and debuger detection,power control... Over 100 functions only 40Kb file, for C/C++,VB,XBASE+,Delphi

AS HDGET WIN32 DLL 2.1 ($15)
by AS Computer Software 
    Get IDE HDD model, serial and revision number for all IDE drives in a system.WIN32 DLL and static library in one package.Not WMI, only windows API.Very small and fast. No need for administrative rights.Just one function call to remember.

AS POWER WIN32 DLL 2.1 ($20)
by AS Computer Software 
    Now you can get full control, full power control for your applications.

ASPnetDating Lite 2.0 (Free)
by eStream 
    Enjoy the freedom to develop your online dating site with easy to use features and functionality. Regardless of your skill level, ASPnetDating allows you to use only the tools that you need to create the ideal online dating experience.

AthTek Code to FlowChart 2.0 ($119)
by AthTek Software 
    Code to FlowChart is an advanced source code to flowchart converter for software engineers and document writers. It automatically generates flow chart/NS chart from source code, and help users to learn complex projects by visible flowchart.

AthTek WebAPP Kit 2.2 (Free)
by AthTek Software 
    AthTek WebAPP Kit is an advanced web authoring tool for software developers. It can convert C/S type PC programs to B/S type web applications directly. No web authoring experience is required such as HTML, ASP, PHP and JAVA.

AudioLab VC++ 2.2.1 ($300)
by Mitov Software 
    AudioLab is a set of Visual C++ components for fast audio processing. They allow audio capture, processing and playback with zero lines of program code. The library supports large number of formats and technologies. Free for non-commercial use.

AutoFlowchart 1.0 ($79)
by WestWind Soft 
    AutoFlowchart is a excellent source code flowcharting tool to generate flowchart from source code. Its flowchart can expand and shrink. and you can pre-define the the width, height,Horizontal spacing and vertical spacing. Move and zoom is supported

Barcode ($69)
by Barcode label design 
    Barcode reader software is capable to generate multiple ready to print bar code labels. Barcode printing software is fully reliable to create high resolution barcodes, suited for layout and design purposes with easy to use and convenient manner.

BCGPEdit (BCGSoft Professional Editor) - ($199 )
by BCGSoft Co Ltd.  
    MFC extension library for incorporation an advanced edit control into any MFC-based application. It has the following features: Syntax highlighting, Color Blocks, IntelliSense, Markers, Symbol support, Drag/Drop support, Undo/redo support, etc...

Browsio 1.0 ($82,50)
by Adienta 
    Browsio gives you instant information about all uses of e.g. a variable, function, or class, while editing C/C++ code in Visual Studio .NET. Click in the Browsio Tree to make the VS editor go there. (75% / 50% DISCOUNT in Oct-Dec '03)

Bug Tracking/Defect Tracking Single User License 2.0 ($125.95)
by Crazy Soft Ltd 
    Bug Tracker is a software for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking during software testing stage. It offers auto task assignment, bug attachment, powerful filter, flexible right control,flexible work flow, printing and automatic login.

BytesRoad.NetSuit Library 2.0 (Free)
by BytesRoad Software 
    BytesRoad.NetSuit library is a free network library for the .NET platform. Enhance your .NET application with FTP client functionality and/or use the library for low-level networking over proxy servers (Socks5, HTTP proxy).

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