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Snake 1.0 ($10)
by WorkHorse Games 
    Snake is a classic game played by many on cell phones, PDAs, and calculators. It is now available for the home PC in a free trial with the option to buy. Guide the snake around the screen trying to eat the mice that appear on the screen.

SnowTris game 5.1 ($15.00 )
by Serge Mikhailov  
    In the middle of the screen there is a snowball. Snowflakes fly from four sides.

Snowy: Space Trip ??????????. ??????????????????? ?? ????????????? 1.1 ($19.95 )
by Alawar Entertainment 
    Our brave Snowy got into a new scrape... Now he has to save funny Green Pals from space monsters. Monsters are coming from portals and guarding their new territory. Poor Greens are waiting for help! Save them!!!

Space Man 1 ($7.89)
    Beware of out of control satellites while you race to save the Universe in this arcade style game. The fate of everything rests soley upon your shoulders as you struggle to collect all planet like deceptoids before your own ship is demolished!

Space Pyramids 1.00 ($10.99 )
by XDGames  
    Try to challenge yourself while you are an aeronaut of an orbiting station. You have to build solar batteries on the flying station or you will be dead. This honorary mission will challenge you and you should rely on your logic.

Speed mnemonic 1.1 (Free)
by Mind concentration games 
    Mnemonic game, you can improve your facilities of human mind concentration word and digital mnemonic memory. You needn't practice sophisticate exercises; it is just enough to study this training.

Sphinx Spins Slots - Pokies 6.15 ($14.99)
by Eagleslots 
    Egypt Sphinx themed 5 reel 20 payline slots pokies game. Doubleup available. Bet up to $10. All for fun.

Starkanoid 1.0 ($14.95)
by Gamexzone studio 
    Starkanoid is a new dimension of an arkanoid-style game. However, this game offers more excitement than old-fashioned and boring bricks break-outs.

Sunken Treasure Slots / Pokies 5.35 ($14.99)
by Eagleslots 
    Underwater themed 5 reel 20 payline slots pokies game. Doubleup available. Bet up to $10.

Super Cubes 1.1 ($19.95)
by TERMINAL Studio 
    A naughty kid left a heap of colorful cubes on the floor and your job is to clean up the mess now. To do that you will have to arrange them in a certain order. There are a number of bonus features to help you. Warning: the game??s extremely addictive!

SUPER Lines 2.1 ($14.95)
by BuyDownloadedGames 
    SUPER Lines is a modern 3D remake of the famous Lines game. In this game you have to rule a balls, you form in lines for disappearance. The rules of SUPER Lines are almost the same, but now you may play different types of game and all in full 3D!

Tanks Evolution 1.0 ($19.95)
by Realore Studios 
    "Tanks Evolution" is an intense, war-based arcade that lets you step into the boots of the tank commander, commissioned to protect allied HQ from the relentless onslaught of tanks. Control the tank to blast the enemy and bring peace to your land.

Tetrix XP 1.0 ($14.95 )
by Intelore  
    Tetrix XP is a new modern 3D remake of a popular Tetris game. The latest technology allows us to combine the great ideas with their perfect realisation. Tetrix XP is the best evidence for that.

Tetrollapse Advanced 1.61 ($15.95)
by presents new interpretation of well-known favorite office game - Tetris. Tetrollapse Advanced has 50 levels with various figures that you should clear. The game has two versions: online and downloaded.

The King 2.5 ($25)
by Trian Software 
    "The King" is a challenging card game. thinking. Each game of King as ten different hands, being six of them to negative points (your score goes down) and four for positives (your score goes up). Your aim is to get as more score as you can.

The Walls of Jericho 1.0 ($19.95)
by Full Armor Studios, Inc. 
    The Walls of Jericho is a challenging move-and-match puzzle game sure to twist the brain and please the eye. Inspired by the epic tale of faith and perseverance, this game features awesome artwork and classic gameplay for the whole family.

Totem Treasure 2 Slots - Pokies 18.4 ($19.95)
by Pokie Magic Pokies - Slots 
    Play the pokies/slots at home with Totem Treasure 2. 5 and 6 reel and Special Editions available.

Totem Treasure Slots/Pokies ($19.95)
by Pokie Magic 
    Play the pokies at home with Totem Treasure. 5 and 6 and 7 Reel and Special Editions available.

Treasures of Persia 1.0 ($19.95)
by Realore Studios 
    Twilight rooms of a Persian palace offer picturesque settings for Treasure of Persia, a tricky multilevel puzzle. Treasure hunters who correctly join gem chips will be amply rewarded. Their names will be marked in history to awe and inspire others.

Troll 1.1 ($14.95)
by 300AD 
    Fantasy arcanoid clone game with hi-color graphic, efects, sounds and monsters.Vile orcs came from the north and built powerful castles to enslave defenceless villagers. Poor king Uterus unable to fight the evil had to flee to the exile.

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