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Worm 2000 1.16 ($ 10 )
by TERMINAL Studio  
    Worm 2000 is a remake of the classic arcade python-style game. Drive a worm through a maze, on the way eating as many bright-colored apples as you can.

3D Pacman 1.5 ($19.95)
by Nice Games 
    And here comes 3D Pacman! 100 levels with diverse 3D visuals, goblins, skeletons and magicians, exciting bonuses, Classic and Story modes with an original scenario, single-player and multiplayer, 100% hilarious gameplay - satisfaction guaranteed!

3D Snake Arena 1.50 ($9.95 )
by Byxon Games  
    A great 3D arcade: The submarine life is too risky even for the fearless reptile. 40 brilliant levels and 4 mysterious worlds lie ahead of our hero. Great music, sound effects and nice camera movements make "3D Snake Arena" the game for all ages!

3DRT BrickBlaster 1.0 ($12.95)
by TLK Games 
    A thrilling Brick Breaker with 240 levels of game, automatic scrolling on 4 screens and a terrific set of attack and defense weaponry. Level editor, numerous decors, music and realistic sound complete this outstanding game. High scores registration.

Action Ball Deluxe 1.1 ($19.95)
by Alawar Entertainment 
    Check out our new block-smashing game with a twist!

Active Ball for SPV 1.3 ($14.95)
by Activekitten 
    Ask your smartphone, "Are you tired of running boring applications? Would you like to take a break and grab a byteful of fun?" If your phone says "Yes" - give it some Active Ball, a carefully crafted arkanoid remake. Your smartphone is worth it!

Agent Chewer 1.21 ($19.95)
by presents new great game Agent Chewer with amazing 3D graphics, evil monsters, a number of various levels, 3 skill levels (Novice, Expert and Master - for long gameplay) and a lot of fun!

Alien Outbreak 1.0 ($19.95)
by Bee Games 
    AlienOutbreak is the most addictive space shooter in the solar system. In fact, it is so much fun the government will probably outlaw the game soon. So hurry up and get your FREE trial version while you can. Show that alien scum what you are worth!

Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion ??????????????????? ??????????????? 1.1 1.0 ($19.95 )
by Alawar Entertainment ?????????? ?????? Alawar Entertainment 
    Each new military mission is only an entertainment for a mature alien hunter. This time you have to head for the STARGATE5 system, which suffered a massive alien attack. Smash the waves of extraterrestrial invasion and restore peace in the Galaxy!

Altar Xonix 1.0 ($12)
by Taranov Aleksei 
    Altar Xonix is new remake of the game Xonix. Small creature Xoni lives happily in it's small world. But other bad creatures try to kill it. They are always looking for Xoni. Xoni has to catch them by getting more free space.

AntHill (Pocket PC) 1.00 ($9.95)
by BallShooter Games 
    Get ready for an exciting combination of thrilling action with a challenging thinking game. Anthill is a fun game for all ages and different genre lovers. Eat all ants larva, avoid dangerous bugs and gather bonuses to win this tough game.

Ape Economics 1.0 ($10)
by Andrew Gray 
    It's feeding time in the jungle! There are plenty of bananas to go round, but the apes are greedy and don't want to share. You must hand out the bananas equally between the apes, while avoiding beasts and obstacles. Includes easy-to-use level ed

AquaBall 1.0 ($19.95)
by Alawar Entertainment 
    Get ready for an exciting deep-sea experience in Aquaball, a new Arkanoid game from the creators of Magic Ball 2.

Aqualines 2.1 ($12)
    Aqualines is an action game. The game field resembles an aquarium containing coral and sea creatures. They move from the top of the aquarium to the bottom along the coral branches. You can change the structure of the coral to steer the creatures.

Arcade Blocks 1.0 ($14.95)
by Astatix Software 
    Arcade Blocks includes 5 absolutely different variations of the famous game with falling blocks with twist: Simple, Classic Tetris, Pentix, Sixtix, Triangularis. You will find friendly interface, nice sounds, music and large High scores table.

Arcade Race 1.23 ($19.95)
    Arcade Race - new cool 3D racing game with 3d person perspective that is original for this genre. The purpose of the game is to be the first, of course. Variety of bonuses helps you to attack your rivals and be invulnerable. There are two game modes.

Arcadrome : Space Stalker 1.7 ($17.95)
by NevoSoft 
    Perfect 3D arcade game. 100 levels, dashing fight, excellent graphic, incredible sound tracks. The monsters are guileful and numerous but your weapons are strong and your courage is unlimited. Be careful! Arcadrome is a very addictive place.

Arcalands 1.2 ($19.95)
by Gamexzone Studio 
    "Arcalands" is a new generation of Arkanoid. This is a game where you will embark on a remarkable journey around the world. Extraordinary objects, a large number of bonuses and surprises await you.

Arctic Rush 1.46 ($14.95)
    This new 3d colorful arcade game is rich in adventures, miseries, puzzles, bonuses and kind humor. Amazing 3d arctic scenery with polar bears makes this game pleasant and high number of bonuses increases its playability. Download, trial are free.

Arkanoid -The Virtual Isles 2.6 ($15 )
by Alawar Entertainment&GameOverGames  
    From the name of the game you can see that this is one of the countless remakes of the glorious Arkanoid. The game has new features, such as non-linear levels, shop at the end of the level with different bonuses to buy and so on.

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