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BetAssistant 1.1 ($7)
    Programme for analyzing sports statistics. Auto result updates. Match statistics. Detailed team information. Graphical display of match results. Head to head stats, group vs group stats, bookmakers' odds and much more.

Betting Genius 3.0 ($49.95)
    Betting Genius is a powerful sports management and prediction tool, that enables you to track your favorite leagues, download regularly updated league files from the internet and get very accurate predictions on upcoming matches.

Bible Decoder 2.3 ($24.95)
by Zero One Ltd. 
    Explore codes embedded in the Bible. Enables blazing fast searches of the famous ELS codes as well as other forms of codes and text searches. Also includes a quick tutorial on Hebrew letters,virtual Hebrew keyboard and more.

BiblePro 12.6 (Free)
    BiblePro includes one million verse links, 150,000 commentaries, 43 bibles, more than 100 maps, and an interface with free updates for life. BiblePro uses the same buttons, tools, look, and feel of Microsoft Word and Outlook to make it as easy as possible

BiblePromise 2.0 ($19.95 )
by PJ Software  
    BiblePromise presents a new Scripture verse each day you start your computer. The Bible verses have been carefully selected to offer wisdom and comfort. BiblePromise : Scripture verses for your Daily Bread!

bigchief.exe 1.0 (Free)
    The utility of currants, red, black, or white, has long been established in domestic economy

Biggly Diet and Exercise 1.03 ($34.00)
    A great body fast! Powerful but simple Diet & Bodybuilding software for WindowsXP complete with a 200 page ebook on bodybuilder's fat loss techniques. Supported by a community site with blogs, photos and forum. Too many graphs and features to list!

bigsoul.exe 1.0 (Free)
    The hostess or host, during the progress of a ball, willcourteously accost and chat with their friends

Bill Catchem's lnternational Dialer 3.4 (Free)
by RFD Systems 
    Bill Catchem's International Dialer let's you say goodbye to Operator Assisted Toll Charges. Having the operator dial international numbers for you can cost you as much as $8.00!! Dial your own and save. Better than Freeware, it's Saveware!

Billing Software 5.2 ($179)
by Data Recovery Shareware 
    With most billing packages on the market, law offices have to purchase and integrate multiple software packages to handle different aspects of billing. Combining Inventory (Invoice) products together can be recalcitrant to impossible to do.

BinaryClock 1.0 (Free)
by Cyberprog New Media 
    I was given an ThinkGeek Binary clock at christmas, and it was nice, and fun, but lacked the important things from my point of view that you need to be able to learn how the clock is telling the time easily. So I created this software Binary Clock!

bioes.exe 1.0 (Free)
    THE SPECKLED HAMBURG.??Of the speckled, or spangled Hamburg

Bird Cages / Aviary Designer 2005 (Free)
by Nature's World Aviariums offers solid wood, hand crafted bird cage without the mess and upkeep. We have gouldian, society finches and canaries. Our live furniture is ideal for assisted living, funeral and hospitality industries.

Birthday Agent 1.0 ($19.95)
by DVV Software 
    Birthday Agent reminds you about upcoming birthdays of your friends, relatives and others. You can even set the program to send an email to the person who is celebrating an important day.

Birthdays! 2.0.1 ($19.99)
by Direct Logic Systems 
    Do you have lots of friends and family? Have you ever forgotten one of their birthdays? Don't feel bad. Keeping track of everybody's birthdays is a difficult job. Let Birthdays! do all the work for you.

Blood Pressure Tracker for Pocket PC 5.8 ($19.99)
by SoundTells 
    The Blood Pressure Tracker simplifies blood pressure and heart rate data logging. The software automatically saves systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and time of measurement.

Bluetooth Remote Control 1.0 ($9.95)
    Bluetooth Remote Control turns your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone into a universal controller for Window. See your Power Point slides directly in the phone, browse/play the songs in ITune and Media player and much more...

BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator 1.0 ($19.95)
by Actabit Weight Loss 
    To calculate your BMI, download BMI Calculator and enter your weight and height. BMI Calculator lets you select the most convenient measurement system for you: kilograms and centimeters or pounds and inches. Download BMI Calculator now.

Bodie's Favorites 1.00 (Free)
by Marcelo Dato 
    Bodie's Favorites is a program with which will be able to generate a HTML file, with all the links that you possess as favorites Internet Explorer. Useful if you need to access to the same ones from another PC, from a cyber, etc...

Bodybuilding Exercise Routine Beginners ($2)
by Own fitness trainer 
    Bodybuilding Exercise Routine for Beginners launch new home exercise chart that stop wasting time in your gym and provide total body strength fitness tips.

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