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BookBag Plus 4.1.4 ($24.99)
by WakefieldSoft, LLC 
    BookBag is your complete book and personal library organization software for Palm OS?® handhelds, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile handhelds, and Windows PCs! Keep track of books, magazines, etc. that you own, have read, have checked out, etc.

BookCAT Book Database 8.10.02 ($39.95)
by FNProgramvare 
    BookCAT is a database program designed to catalog and manage a personal, club, school, church, or business library. BookCAT will help you know what you have and where it is. Quickly catalog your books by downloading information from the Internet.

BrainWave Blaster 2.11 ($29.95)
by Subliminal Messages & Hypnosis 
    Stimulate your brain in 2 minutes! All you need is earphones. Just put on the earphones and let BrainWave Blaster take you to the state of mind you want.

BrainWave Stimulators 2.2 ($29.95)
by Subliminal Messages 
    Optimize your brainwaves with this software based on binaural beats. You can meditate, hypnotize yourself, or prepare for extremal situation. Also the package contains Subliminal Flash- subliminal messaging software.

Breaktru AutoSim 3.3 (Free)
    A simulation of a NYC Transit Authority train traveling by automatic signals with working stop arms. Working circuit drawings show how the signal system relays function while the train passes over track circuits.

Breaktru Lottoree 9.6 ($5.00)
by Breaktru Software 
    LOTTOREE is an adjustable lottery game that can be used for any state and any game. Example, pick any amount of numbers out of up to 100 numbers. Pick and print 5 games at once.

Breaktru Percent CE 2.1 (Free)
    Calculate the percentage of any number out of any number. Great little tool to have on hand.

    ReMind is a handy calendar, scheduler type message notifier. Stores several one line messages for a latter date notification. Or use as a timer to inform you of tasks to do.

    Slot Frenzy is a fun version like Casino slot machine game. It will keep you entertained for hours on end. Once you start you can't stop. Sound enabled for that extra life like experiance. Wager amounts from $1.00 to $5.00 a spin

BREAKTRU StockWatch 3.6 (Free)
    Create a portfolio with this spreadsheet for Excel 97 or better. Enter your past and present stock holdings. See your gains and losses at a glance. Get on-line quotes.

BrightCar Car Maintenance Software ($39.95)
by BrightCar, Inc 
    Manage your vehicle maintenance schedule, track vehicle expenses, and monitor car performance. Five (5) minute setup. Proprietary database of 10,000+ pre-loaded maintenance plans, based on manufacturer-recommended plans. Automatic service reminders.

Britney Spears Video Collection Free 4.3 (Free)
by Download1234 
    Britney Spears Video Collection includes the latest mtv releases plus undiscovered footage never before released. Catch up on the latest goss about britney with this custom Britney Spears Video Browser. Download the latest video collections.

Browser Sentry Content Filter 2.1 ($11.99)
by Guiding Star Developers 
    Browser Sentry is a content filtering software application designed to prevent the viewing of sites which are unsuitable for children and incompatible with daily workplace internet use. Perfect for parents and employers.

Budget 4.0.1 ($29.95)
by Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC 
    Living payday to payday? Can't get out of debt? Finances in a mess? Try a better way to manage your checkbook. Budget is based on the tried and true "Envelope" method of budgeting - a much easier way to see where your money is.

Bugs Images Collection 1.0 (Free)
by Masterra 
    Insects are here! Bugs Collection includes a variety of 8 different sets of animated and non-animated well designed images, smilies and emoticons. Categories are Ladybugs, Serious Bugs, Flies, Caterpillars, Carefree Bugs, Cute Bugs and Real Bugs.

Bulk Messaging Software ($45)
by Hard Disk Data Recovery 
    Bulk messages sending software is capable of sending text messages to thousand of destination simultaneously from a pc to mobile phone device. Bulk SMS provider tool is easy to use and fully functional with Windows 98, 2000, 2003, NT, ME, XP, Vista.

Bulk SMS GSM ($45)
by Bulk sms software 
    Bulk SMS GSM software facilitates user to send group text messages and greetings from computer using GSM technology based mobiles. Text messages broadcasting software easily sends national and international sms from your PC without internet gateway.

Bulk SMS PC to Mobile ($49)
by Bulk sms software 
    Bulk SMS PC to Mobile application provides easiest way to communicate with friends, workers, employees, relatives and other known people by broadcasting group text messages from your computer system using GSM phones or Windows based mobile handsets.

Bullworker Exercise Chart Free Download ($2)
by Own fitness trainer 
    Bullworker Exercise Chart Free Download Exercises to lose weight offer easy way How to lose weight for someone with a good grasp of exercise form.

BurnTheFat 3.452 ($39)
by Advanced Systems 
    Burn The Fat ! Fat Burning Secrets of the World's Best Bodybuilders and Models ! Outlaw Bodybuilder's Outcry at "Experts" Who Earn Fortunes On The Sweat And Dreams Of Young Men & Women. Now here is a Fat Loss System No One Else Will Tell You Abo

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