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Sound Taxi Professional 9.8.5 ($24.99)
by l00sc 
    SoundTaxi Professional II enables you to remove DRM protection and convert protected music file to: MP3, AAC, MPEG4 that can be played on your MP3 player, iPod, audio CD player, Zune or other portable digital player, Mobile.

Subliminal Messages hypno 2.1 ($19.90)
by Subliminal Messages 
    Nice subliminal-messaging program.

Sweet Nothings 1 (Free)
by FreeeSpirits 
    To help you melt your loved one's heart, this freeware contains12 cards (and 4 envelopes) with tiny reminders of love to hide in unexpected places at surprising times. 80 more cards free at the Treasure Trove

Talisman Creator 1.0 ($11.80)
by Ded Pyhto, Inc 
    The program we've created is the only product, which allows you to create cabbalistic talismans in binary form. After creating, you can just put your talisman into the Floppy disk or CD and get all benefits of the cabbalistic science.

Telepathy 1.0 (Free)
by Telepathy 
    Learn Telepathy- you will learn telepathy in 3 months. This unique software have been developed and tested by scientists. After 80 trainings 64% of respondents have achieved success rate more than 65%. Now most of them can 'read' thoughts.

Trials of Werlin 1.0 ($14.95)
by Bantam City Games 
    Solving puzzles, one spell at a time. Immerse yourself in a fun world with Werlin as he uses magic to solve puzzles, while avoiding traps, monsters and other dangerous obstacles. Werlin cannot succeed without your help!

Win Big Pro 1.1 ($18.00)
by EasyBitSoft 
    Start Winning Pick 3/4, Keno/Banco and Sport Lottery Right Now with Our WinBigPro Software. Increase Your Odds of Winning Significantly! There is 5 Years of Hard Work and Experience in the Making and Programming of this Incredible Software.

Chaos Magick Spell Caster 1.0 ($29.95 )
    Get your wishes become real. A must-have tool for chaos magick practitioners; a program to focus extremely your will to get your wishes become real; the program is so simple to use that even ocult newbies will use it succesfully.

MonkeyMind - Free Self-Counseling Software for Inner Peace 2.10.04 (Free)
by InnerPeace.Org  
    Free self-counseling software for inner peace. Use Inner Peace for inner peace. Let go of issues that interfere with inner peace. Create states that support inner peace. Easy to do. Enjoy Inner Peace. Share Inner Peace. Pass Inner Peace on to others.

Touch Wood 1.0 (Free)
by XemiComputers Ltd.  
    It's woodware, luckware, funware and above all it's freeware. Touch Wood is your virtual good luck companion. Whenever you wish to celebrate good news or pray for some luck by touching wood, you will be able to do it right on the screen!

Ultra Spiritual Protection 1.0 ($29.95 )
    An advanced radionic program that makes your computer protect you against black magick, sorcery, sortilegies and psychic attacks. Based in powerful rituals of ceremonial magick and taking profit of the occult power of the computers.

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