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BigSpeed File Sharing SDK 2.0 (Free)
by BigSpeed Computing Inc. 
    Client/Server components for secure private file transfer and remote management. Sample applications are included in Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++ .NET, and Delphi 7.

BitLevelTrace Demo 1.0 ($ )
by BitLevel Technology Limited  
    A Demo of software library (with full C source code) to convert raw communication protocol data into a fully decoded readable trace text. Decoded protocols include LAPD (Q.921), LAPF (Q.922), ISDN call control (Q.931), X.25, 802.3 Ethernet and IP

Black Cat - SQLite3 database manager 8.11 ($58.80)
by Ivan Sivak - SOFTWARE 
    Development tool for managing all SQLite3 database objects (tables, views, indexes, triggers). Wizards for creating new database objects, Syntax highlight in the SQL editor. Autocompletation code in the SQL editor, BLOB support

Black Mask Affiliate Link 1.00 (Free)
by Marketing Satisfaction RPC 
    Black mask affiliate link allows you to cloak your affiliate links. Redirect your cloaked links to any site of your choice so that others won't even notice it's an affiliate link and you?????ll still be credited for your commissions!

Blog Comment Posting Software 1.00 (Free)
by Marketing Satisfaction RPC 
    Blog comment posting software identifies wordpress blogs with the 'nofollow' tag in the comments field in any niche you choose and it saves you time and effort from searching for blogs manually to leave comments on and building backlinks.

Blueprint Software Modeler - Community Edition 1.2.0 (Free)
by @-portunity B.V. 
    Blueprint Software Modeler FREE Community Edition. A free and powerful UML software modeling tool implemented according to the latest UML2.1 standard; integrated with Eclipse3.2. It supportes the most important UML diagrams with rich semantics.

BlueSky Integration Studio 4.1 ($4995)
by Relational Solutions 
    BlueSky Integration Studio is a visual integration design environment for extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data from any data source ?? to any data source allowing you to write code behind to transform your data in standard VB.NET!

BMDFM 5.9.9 ($0)
    BMDFM (Binary Modular DataFlow Machine) is software, which enables running an application in parallel on shared memory symmetric multiprocessors (SMP) using the multiple processors to speed up the execution of single applications.

Bokai Barcode Image Generator Java component (Barcode/JSP) 3.1 ($299)
by Bokai Corporation 
    Bokai barcode image generator Java component generates barcode images in PNG or JPEG format without requiring your web server to run in graphics mode (X-Window). Your HTML pages can embed a bar code image URL (sevlet or JSP file) without programming.

Brian Montantes - 1.1 (Free)
by Brian Montantes 
    Brian Montantes

BrightSword Designer 2.0 ($999)
by BrightSword Technologies Private Limited 
    BrightSword Designer-Code generation tool (Rapid Application Development Tool - RAD) for the software developers to build database-driven web applications in ASP, ASP.NET, JSP and PHP using the point click method of developement.

Bubble Bobble Quest 1.2 ($14.95)
by TERMINAL Studio 
    Remake of a popular classic game Bubble Bobble.

Bug Registry 4.1.1 ($49.99)
by Extensible Business Solutions 
    Bug Registry is a bug's hunter for your bugs. Bug Registry is ideal for software development teams, help desk staff, quality assurance engineers, and anyone who needs to know the status of your software's error reports and feature requests.

ByteRun Protector for PHP 3.6 ($129)
by ByteRun 
    Protect your PHP scripts from being pirated. Convert your PHP scripts to unreadable but still executable form.

Cach? Monitor 0.22 (Free)
    Cache Monitor is the SQL development tool for InterSystems database Cache. It supports developers with features, like: advanced SQL Query Editor,Cache-SQL Syntax highlighting,SQL Code completion, Graphical SQL execution plan and many more.

CadLib 2.0 DWG DXF .NET Library ($900)
by Wout Ware 
    Add CAD capabilities to your .NET application with CadLib 2.0 for .NET. CadLib makes it extremely easy to interface with, draw and print DWG and DXF files.

CadLib 3.5 DWG DXF.NET Library ($900)
by Wout Ware 
    Add CAD capabilities to your .NET application with CadLib 2.0 for .NET. CadLib makes it extremely easy to interface with, draw and print DWG and DXF files.

CalendarGo Bundle Professional 1.0 ($149)
by ComponentGo 
    A calendaring component for .NET. CalendarGo is fully managed code written in 100% C#, seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio and can be used from any CLR language. Adds a second (Resource) dimension to CalendarGo. Includes C# source code.

CASE Studio 2 v 2.16 ($349)
by CHARONWARE s.r.o. 
    Powerful database designing tool which allows you to visually create Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) for various database systems - Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, MySQL, InterBase, Sybase, Access etc. Features include: ERD, DFD, Reverse engineering...

CASH Interface Software 1.0.2 (Free)
by Bernd Karle Hard-Softwareentwicklung 
    With the serial CASH-Interface you can connect coin acceptors of the type NRI, EMP and others or bill acceptors of the type GBA, Smiley and others. Monitoring a device is carried out via a DLL which can be used out of every programming language!

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