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Delphi Source formatting Wizard 1.14 ($19.95)
by SDMSoft 
    Delphi Source formatting Wizard is a easy customizable feathured source code formatter. It can improve your source code (the indentation, spacing, capitalization, etc are supported)

Developer's Notepad 1.0 (Free)
by Reliable Software  
    Ideal for planning & reviewing projects.Create notes with hot links to source code. Selecting the link will automatically open source code to the exact point. Requires Visual Studio 97.

Dexter 1.0 ($30 )
    Dexter is an invaluable time saving Add-in providing automatic code completion for all Microsoft development environments. - useful shareware for programmers using Microsoft development tools.

DLL to Lib 1.42 ($99 )
by Binary Soft, Inc.  
    DLL to Lib is a magical tool which can convert a DLL file into its equivalent static library file. After that, you can replace the original DLL file with the static library file, rebuild your application, and distribute it without the DLL!

Easy Base 11.4.1 ($9.99 )
by Easy Software Ltd  
    Easy Base is the ultimate development in DOS data management. The interface is simple enough for a complete novice to get started in data programming yet the query language and function library provide all the power required by professional developer

EasyDial ActiveX Control 1.0 ($59.00 )
by PC Lubricant Corporation  
    The EasyDial(tm) ActiveX Control 1.0 let you write code to dial to ISPs in minutes. It is targeted to Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000, and designed for Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++ Builder, Delphi, and PowerBuilder.

EdgeTracer 2.1 ($29 )
by ITAZ  
    EdgeTracer is a tool to create non-rectangular windows and image maps. It features a lightning fast proprietary tracing algorithm. It generates source code (complete with Project & Form files) for Visual Basic, C++ Builder, Delphi as well as HTML.

EJB XML Editor Beta 1 (Free)
by Certes Solutions  
    When working with EJBs for Weblogic 5.1 and Orion, this tool allows for modification of the deployment descriptors in the JARs easily. It has help for determining what descriptors change the behavior of the beans. This is a template based tool.

EmmaSetup CD 4.0 ($79.95 )
by EmmaSoft Software Co., Inc.  
    EmmaSetup CD is a 32 bit installation utility for Windows that you use to quickly and easily create custom, professional, feature-rich CD "Front end" multi-installers, presentations, brochures, slideshows, tutorials, lessons, or e-books.

EmmaSetup Lite 3.0 ($59.95 )
by EmmaSoft Software Co., Inc.  
    EmmaSetup Lite v3 is a 32 bit installation utility for Windows that you use to quickly and easily create simple, professional Windows installers.

EmmaSetup Professional 3.0 ($159.95 )
by EmmaSoft Software Co., Inc.  
    EmmaSetup v3 is a 32 bit installation utility for Windows that you use to quickly and easily create custom, professional, feature-rich program installers.

Enhanced AniGif ActiveX control 2.0 ($41.95 )
by Inspired Creations  
    An enhanced AniGif ActiveX control can display a graphic from animated or static Gif files and provides extended information about the animation.

ErezPP1LTR Print Preview ActiveX Control for VB6 1.3.1 ($90 )
by Erez Business Softwares Ltd.  
    ErezPP1LTR OCX is a Print Preview ActiveX Control, Left To Right direction, for Visual Basic 6. It gives developers an easy tool to make print and preview of their softwares. The trial version is fully functional but will work for 30 days.

ESBDates 3.0.0 (Free)
by ESB Consultancy  
    Free collection of over 275 Date/Time Routines for Borland Delphi, including full source and Help File. Covers a considerable range of topics.

ESBPCS for VCL - Trial 2.3.2 ($159 )
by ESB Consultancy  
    ESBPCS for VCL is a collection of over 6000 routines/methods and over 150 classes/components in over 100 units for Delphi 4/5/6/7 and C++ Builder 4/ 5/6 which are aimed at making Data Entry & Manipulation Easier for Developers.

ESBRoutines 3.0.0 (Free)
by ESB Consultancy  
    A free collection of miscellaneous routines for Borland Delphi that covers many areas. Includes full source and Help.

EScrambler - Webmaster Antispam Utility 2.10.04 (Free)
by InnerPeace.Org  
    Email address code scrambler. Fight spam. Hide email addresses from spam robots. Your visitors can read and click on your email addresses the same way they do now. Robots will not find them. Stay off spam lists. Search engine friendly. Easy to use.

eXactMapper Lite 1.1 (Free)
by ExactTrend  
    Create a professional site map for your Web pages without writing a single line of code. The process is fully automated and is based on the Navigational or directory structure of your website.

File Editor 2000 3.5 ($25.00 )
by Gregory Braun  
    FxEdit is a small file utility that allows you to view and modify binary files. You can search for specified hexadecimal and ASCII strings. Most commonly used menu commands are available on the application's toolbar ribbon.

Find and Replace for Webmasters and IT Pros 1.5 ($19 )
by Relevance Software  
    Find and Replace is three or four programs in one. Find and Replace multiple files, multiple lines, multiple folders. Text editor (with an additional Find and Replace tool), HTML Preview Browser, Find Files Containing Text and more! Very powerful.

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