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FinExotics Dev 2.0 ($699 )
by Derivicom, Inc.  
    An ActiveX DLL with over 40 different exotic option models divided into seven categories : Asian, binary, barrier, currency translated, lookback, multiple asset, and multiple exercise. A sample application and documentation accompany the software.

FingerCell 1.0 ($ )
by Neurotechnologija, Ltd.  
    The FingerCell Embedded Development Kit is a starting kit, which enables a rapid development of embedded fingerprint identification system.

FingerSuite 1.0 ($1099 )
by Neurotechnologija, Ltd.  
    FingerSuite is a set of components, designed for VeriFinger based fingerprint identification system developers.

FinOptions Dev 2.0 ($499 )
by Derivicom, Inc.  
    An ActiveX DLL that calculates option price, risk sensitivities as well as implied volatility and implied strike on stocks, bonds, commodities, equities, foreign currencies, and futures.

FlagRASH 1.0 ($7.00 )
by Sente Limited  
    Batch change attribute flags. Readonly, archive, system and hidden flags can all be altered on files and folders, across multiple folders. Particularly useful for clearing the read only flag after copying from CD-RWs.

FlatAll for Delphi 2.0 ($27)
by SDMSoft 
    FlatAll - Delphi-component, which make the user interface of your applications completeness and cool. By placing our component on the form, you will create new "face" for the app!

FreeReport 2.32 2.32 (Free)
by FastReport Software  
    FreeReport is reporting tool component. It consists of report engine, designer and preview. Its capabilities comparable with in QuickReport 3,ReportBuilder 3.52. It can be installed in Delphi 2/3/4/5/6 and C++Builder 1/3/4.

GIF Base CGI 2.0 ($9 )
by Ankord  
    GIF Base CGI is tool for fast creation of dynamic images for the Internet/Intranet projects using databases of any type (counters, baners etc.). The image projects are created with a simple visual editor.

GVH File library 1.0 ($19.95 )
by GVH Maatwerk Software  
    All-in-one 32-bit file/folder utlity DLL for C and C++ developers. This API contains many file/folder functions: Find,search/replace,(de)compression,file- and folderselection dialogs, split/merge and much more.

GVH File library 1.0 ($19.95)
by GVH Maatwerk Software 
    All-in-one 32-bit file/folder utlity DLL for C and C++ developers. This API contains many file/folder functions: Find,search/replace,(de)compression,file- and folderselection dialogs, split/merge and much more.

GVH Logging and Debug Library 3.0 ($19.95 )
by GVH Maatwerk Software  
    Super 32-bit logging and debugging tool for C and C++ developers.No more slow stepping. Just include logging macros in your source. The library will write info to a logfile and optionally to a real-time scrollable window.Suspend/resume, detect memory leak

GWD Text Editor 3.2 ($29 )
by Vedran Gaco  
    GWD Text Editor is a powerful shareware text for Windows. Features include configurable syntax highlighting, ANSI C compatible macro language, projects (IDE for Borland C++ and Java), plug-ins, FTP client, keystroke macros...

Help & Manual 3.3.0 ($279 )
by EC Software  
    Help & Manual is a stand-alone authoring tool with an integrated WYSIWYG editor. It creates all types of standard help files: * HTML HELP * Winhelp (.hlp) * Browser help * PDF manuals * E-Books (for CD presentations) * Printed user manuals

HelpWriter 1.0 ($39.95 )
by Asele Service Center  
    HelpWriter is an help file editor.You can easy create help files and content files.

His Grepship 3.1 ($15 )
by His Nerdship Pty Ltd  
    Finds regular expr in text/HTML/XML files, color-coding the output. Global find+replace, with option to confirm each replace and roll back changes. Click an output line to activate built-in editor to open the file and highlight the expr. on that line

HTML Batch Editor PRO 1.0 ($69 )
by Lucersoft  
    HTML Batch Editor is a program, which enables batch processing of HTML, text or other files, including binary ones.

HTML Guard 2.3 ($15.00 )
by Andreas Wulf Software  
    The software HTML Guard keeps people from unauthorized copying of parts of your Internet sites. Thus it is possible to encode HTML source code and to block the right mouse button, text selection and the print function within a browser.

HTML Guardian 6.60 ($39.95 )
by Protware  
    Encrypt HTML, SHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, and ASP source code. Enhanced image protection. Additional protection options:disable right-click,page printing,text selection/copying, clipboard,offline usage of encrypted files, add password protection.

HTMLPad 2000 MaX 3.0 ($14.85 )
by Karlis Blumentals  
    HTMLPad 2000 is one of the leading HTML code editors with powerful features designed to automate and speed up the development of web-based documents.

HTMLProtector 2.1 ($29.95 )
by AntsSoft  
    Tool to protect content of web page and prevent others from viewing source code. It will also stop spam robots from extracting email addresses from pages and prevent users from using automated downloaders to download entire web site to hard drive.

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